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* Do you know what the web redirect record is?

Suggested article: Web redirect record

The Web Redirect Record (URL redirect) is a simple solution to point one website page to its new address (URL) after a change has been made. That way, your visitors will go to the previously available page and get automatically redirected to the new one, thanks to the WR record.
Two types of Web Redirect Records are available for you:

  • 301 permanent redirect. Use this when your URLs have moved permanently, and you want to keep the SEO from the previous ones.
  • 302 temporary redirect. Use this when you have only temporarily changed the URLs. For example, your products run out of stocks, but you will get more later.
  • Redirect with frame. This one will show the result in a frame, showing the original domain and the pointed too.

For those of you, who are eager to learn more about web redirect, we invite you to visit this article!